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Lessons from the Ladies Room #4: Phone-free Dates

Posted Oct 17 2011 5:44pm

Is it Monday already? Time for the lesson of the week! Here goes:

4-Answering the phone during a date is rude
I heart my iphone. I really, really do. However, as technology continues to advance in a never ending attempt to bring us closer together (world wide web, facebook, skype), it is also succeeding in bringing us farther apart. Let's take dates for instance.
As human experiences go, it is one of the simplest. Boy meets girl, boy asks girl out (or vice versa), etc...etc... But wait! What's that thing on the dinner table flashing? No, it's not a well polished salad fork, or the glare of the romantic candlelight. It's a phone. *Cue gasps of horror* Yes, it's true, the use of cell phones on a date is becoming more of an accepted trend these days and PSG is here to say, enough! When you are on a date, you most likely want to feel in those moments that you have the person's undivided attention and, in turn, they should have yours. Answering the phone on a date, or even having your phone sitting out on the table gives the impression of quite the opposite. Instead you end up looking disinterested, easily distracted, self-absorbed, or that you are anticipating something more interesting/important to come up. I'll be fair and make exceptions for doctors on call, single parents leaving the kids with sitters, or some other pending emergency that might be occurring. In this case, you still don't need your phone out on the table, but inform your date beforehand of your circumstances so that you do not appear to be detaching from the experience. For everyone else, it's time to cut the proverbial cord. There is no need to babysit your Blackberry. Stop infantilizing your iphone. Put it away on your date or, better yet, turn it off. I know, I know, letting go is tough. Putting distance between yourself and your readily available technology will force you to be more resilient...and if there's anything you need in the dating world, it's resiliency. Why? Because if you can get through even a bad date without resorting to technology, then just grew a thicker skin.
Let's get back to a time where we are not at the beck and call of our electronic devices shall we? Control your phone, don't let your phone control you.
This has been a PSG PSA. Be good to others and be good to yourself. Thank you for reading.
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