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LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set – review

Posted Feb 14 2013 4:10am

LELO_AdoreMe_PleasureSet_art-1 Words: Meryl Cubley

The Arrival

I’m like a hot footed kitty waiting for the LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set to arrive; and so when my nice postie delivers the parcel into my mitts I’m straight upstairs to unwrap my little box of heaven.

Presented in beautiful black with slick silver embossing, inside nestles the Intima silk blindfold , Sutra silk and suede chain-link handcuffs and MIA version 2 rechargeable lipstick vibe , designed in a beautiful crimson shade of red.

The Vibe

The MIA version 2 vibe is a lipstick-style perfect toy with angled top – and I’m excited to learn that this is an upgraded version of the original – now more powerful; and fully submersible for aqua fun. 

Twisting the top will reveal a USB port (so no need for pesky batteries) which means your laptop will rev this baby up in only 2 hours, at which point you’re ready to go, go, go and yes, yes, yes! I’m looking forward to testing it out but for now I have to wait for the pretty pink light to stop flashing, which will tell me it’s fully charged.

This is a very well designed piece of kit with 6 power levels and 3 different vibration modes. Have patience, as these aren’t as simple as they could be, though once you realise that clicking the + sign is to activate; and again to move up to the next vibration level, you’ll soon be beautifully buzzing without any bother.

After impatiently waiting for the 2 hours I am ready to go. This baby is slim, seductive and discrete. I’m supposed to be working but can’t resist and I hastily slip my ‘lipstick’ into my knickers and hit max – I’m a busy woman – I don’t have time to muck about.

The max vibe is powerful and thankfully once buried in my nether regions – quiet. I’ve already done my homework and know that holding down the + key makes my little friend thrust; hold it down again and it pulsates.

Some time later…

Phew! Please do excuse me. I’ve been having rather a lot of fun!

Now I know that this toy is more way versatile than it looks. Think: nipple stimulation (yours and his) clit clenching, bell-end bouncing and internal and external teasing – so whilst I will certainly be enjoying this baby flying solo – I also know that it’s a lot of fun with a partner too. Very happy endings for me and my other half.

Silk and Suede Handcuffs

Adore Me Pleasure Set When it comes to the handcuffs I cannot do justice in words alone to how absolutely stunningly gorgeous these are. I’ve always avoided handcuffs in the past because they either look too grizzly for words; or like something left over from a bad hen party in furry fluffy baby pink. Ewww. Not my style at all.

These I have to say, well: I just looked at for quite a while, marveling at their beautiful design. They’re perfect for those amongst us who like a bit of light bondage and they feel so lovely against my wrists – in silk and suede and that gorgeous crimson shade that I’m fast becoming addicted to.

With 2 D-rings on the end of each cuff you have the option of bringing in purpose rope and restraints for a fantasy night where you star as Princess Leia. Let’s just hope there’s no Jabba the Hut in situ.

I’m told that you can also wear them on your ankles. But despite having a very finely turned ankle, there’s no way I can get these around mine. So I’ll leave that to the malnutritioned size 00 models. This may be worth LELO considering in its next design, cuffs that can be expanded to fit both wrists and ankles.

Now for a household tip: These are DRY CLEAN only ladies – so watch those sticky substances and greasy lubes. You’ll also need to buy a small padlock if you’re looking for limited movement.

Blindfold Me

Perfectly padded and shaped to fit around noses of all shapes and sizes this is so effective when you need to rely on your other senses. Again this part of the set is simply gorgeous.  It’s double layered and has an elasticated back so it can stretch to accommodate all the beautiful brain sizes of the world.  With two silk ribbons attached to the back, I can’t resist leaving these to trail down my back offering yet more flirtation and teasing – or if you prefer – pull them tight for a total black-out experience. Who cares what’s coming as long as it’s me.

Enjoy. I know you will…

Price: £89.99 from Jo Divine





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