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Learning How to Forget Your Ex Wife and Move on – Dealing with Memories

Posted Oct 15 2010 3:31am

Learning how to forget your ex wife and move on with your life is not easy, but is otherwise vital if you want to free yourself from the pain and misery that post-divorce brings along. Memories is probably one of the earliest and most nagging of the problems that you will encounter and you will need to learn to effectively deal with them as they can set you quite far back in your recovery efforts.

Know that these memories will never completely go away unless you’re fully able to accept the divorce and retrain your mind to let go of the whole incident. To help you deal with these memories, this article will have two mental exercises that you will be able to use.

Living in the now:

One of the key elements to being happy is to be able to live each day in the moment without the future or the past overly interfering. When you feel that you are starting to get overwhelmed by the painful memories of your past or the uncertainties of the future, try this little exercise.

·         Try to feel the physical sensations your body is experiencing right at this very moment.

·         Start at the top of your head and move down to each and every part until you get to the tip of your toes.

·         Do they feel warm or cold, tingly perhaps? What can you see taste, hear, or smell? Feel your clothes press against your skin as well. Try to take everything in.

·         Now, close your eyes and try to feel all of this at once.

·         This little exercise will allow you to bring your consciousness back to where it needs to be – right here and right now – which is exactly where you will want it to be if you really want to move on with your life.

Washing Away Memories

Another helpful mental exercise that you can use is a visualization technique that will be able to help wash away memories. The method might be a bit challenging to successfully accomplish at first but is essential as mastering this particular mental exercise will help you deal with many of the emotional burdens that you will be dealing with in the future as well. To do this, you will need to:

·         First imagine all of your bad memories and negative emotions as a layer of dirt all over your body.

·         Now close your eyes and imagine a hot shower running in the background.

·         Take off your clothes and see yourself getting into this imaginary shower.

·         Imagine the dirt getting washed off as they get hit by the water and carried down the drain.

·         See the dirt disintegrate as they are hit and carried off by the water.

·         Keep doing this until you feel clean.

·         Now, take a deep breath and open your eyes. You should be able to feel refreshed, uplifted and ready to take on the world.

For more help and advice on how to forget your ex wife and move on with your life, click below for an extensive guide on surviving and recovering from divorce developed, written and created just for men.

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