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Learn To Take The Perfect Dating Photo

Posted Oct 11 2010 10:11am
The perfect dating photo

Men receives an incredible amount of female attention on dating sites if they are photographed with his pet. For women, this has the opposite effect.

Pet or no pet?

Women on dating sites should never be photographed with their animal if they want to attract men. In turn, men should definitely show their pet in order to attract the female gender. That is, if they have a pet of course J. New, comprehensive analysis of dating sites reveals the pitfalls of dating profile photos.

If your inbox is littered with messages from beautiful women or men on your dating site, you’ve without doubt chosen the right profile picture. On the other hand, if you get no mails, you’ve probably chosen one of the images that directly turns off the opposite sex.

A new photographic analysis, conducted by the dating site OkCupid among 7,140 of their total 3.5 million users, reveals just how to get as many contacts as possible solely based on your profile photo.

Guide to women How to take pictures that sparks the interest in men

Guide to Men Take the perfect dating profile photo

It turns out, that there are huge differences in what kind of pictures men and women use on dating sites. More than half of the women smile – either friendly or flirtatious. But for guys the “smiling ratio” is only one in three.

And with good reason. Men who are looking with a mysterious facial expressions towards the horizon, gets 50 percent more inquiries than those who smile politely to the camera lens.

The photo analysis also reveals that women never should pose with their cat if they want more masculine attention. If they do, the number of mails in their inbox decreases  with 40 percent compared to the average dating profiles.

The opposite is true for male profile photos: getting their picture taken with their pet on the shoulder attract the opposite sex big time. In fact, being photographed with their pet is the most effective motive when it comes to attracting women. “But I don’t have a pet” you might say – don’t worry. It turn out that are two other motives that works almost as well. Check them out here.

Cleavage works

Although the furry creatures has a negative effect on women’s chances for a date, the female sex has another weapon that generates many mails: the cleavage.

“As one might expect, many women receive fewer and fewer inquiries, as they get older. But they can counteract this trend by showing a little cleavage. A 32-year-old showing some cleavage actually receives more new contacts per. month than a 18-year-old who does not reveal anything of the breasts, “says Christian Rudder from OkCupid, who has avoided the model-like profiles in his investigation and instead has based his figures on average people.

Now, I  agree with Christian Rudder that your profile picture has an enormous impact on the number of inquiries you receive from other users. The dating market is huge and it is much faster for people to evaluate profile photos, than to start reading the profile texts. Moreover most of us focuses, unfortunately, on the same thing: appearance. Which is why people with attractive photos receives far more inquiries than those with a bad profile picture.

In my experience though, you should definitely have a picture on your profile, regardless of how you look. People without photo gets only one tenth inquiries compared to photo profiles.

Are you unsure which picture to use on your profile? Let me help you out choosing the right one and guide you to write the perfect profile text. Click here .

What is your experience with profile photos? Have you tried the “pet trick” and how did it work out for you? Let me hear all your good advice on what has worked well for you previously – and also what definitely didn’t work for you.

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