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Last winter a very close friend ...

Posted Aug 23 2008 8:14pm

Last winter a very close friend of mine named Abbie met a doctor online. He was perfect on paper, or should I say on computer screen. They were the same age, he was smart (obviously), he had a nicely written profile , and his pictures were cute.

After a couple of brief phone conversations they decided to meet at a popular bar after work. Immediately, Abbie was attracted. Not only was she on a date with a doctor, but he was hot.

Then he opened his mouth. Apparently he was more impressed with the fact that he was a doctor than she was. It’s all he could talk about. After 45 minutes Abbie was bored and thirsty. He was too busy thinking of more things he could say about himself to notice that she didn’t have a drink.

Finally, she grabbed her purse and motioned that she was going to the bar for a beverage. He says, “Yeah, vodka tonic for me. When you get back I’ll tell you about my 4:45 consult today. And you can put it all on my tab? It’s under Dr. Die.”

“Dr. Die,” she exclaimed! “Your name is Doctor Die. That’s not real. Really?”

It was real and she could not get over his name or her boredom. Her doctor dating adventure only lasted 58 minutes, but she’s glad she lived to tell the story.

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