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Jell-O Shots, Baldwin brothers and to circumcise or not to circumcise???

Posted Dec 12 2008 12:20pm

I had my first "PGA Jell-O shot" last night…

Yep… I know-

Almost unbelievable-

In all my years of drinking never have I done a Jell-O shot…

I looked at the shot in my hand as if it were some complex puzzle to figure out…

Looked at my friend standing next to me and asked,

“How exactly am I supposed to do this???”

With a sly smile she said, “Just squeeze and suck my friend- something I know you can do well:)”

I set her up for that one- I was Misty May … She was my Kerri Walsh -

I smiled as I did my “ squeeze and suck ” all the while hearing the man in front of me say-

“Man, I wish I had a camera.”

I caught eyes with an extremely good looking man- dressed immaculately… stunning blue eyes-

My friend (I will call her Crown Cherry ) - noticed him at the same time-

“Think he’s gay?”- Crown Cherry asks me as we stand, both our heads slightly cocked to the side as we checked the back view-

I did a quick assessment-

Immaculate style? Check!

Pointed toe Italian leather shoes? Check!

Collar flipped up like a polo boy? Check!

“My money is on yes…”- I said to her-

We both waited as he walked towards the table-

He put his plate and drink down as he asked “Is this seat taken?”-

With jazz hands accompanying the question…

Yep, jazz hands gave it away…

Not the style, Italian shoes or polo boy collar- oh the days of the Metro sexual man…

We left that subject to the subject of foreign men…

Crown Cherry is an “all American guy” kind of girl-

I love the foreign ones so we are never attracted to the same man-

How the conversation turned to circumcision is still a mystery to me.

To circumcise or not to circumcise…

That is the question-

Me? I love them all.

Crown Cherry? Well in her own words? “ I need to see mushroom clouds:)”

We left that party to go for an after dinner drink- as we did Crown Cherry ran into a guy she knew-

He immediately pulled her aside bombarding her with a slew of questions about me- I heard all this going on as we were trying to walk out of the door-

He immediately offered to drive us to the next place so we didn’t have to walk (it was freezing)-

As we walked he let all of us know that it would be me sitting in the front seat with the heated seat-

I turned around and playfully stuck my tongue out at my friends-

We got in the car and my other friend had to move a CD set that was in the seat-

She asked him, “ What are these?”

He said- “ A nine CD set on Marriage, I can’t wait to get married!”

I sat in my heated seat a little confused… he is hitting on me but getting married?

So I ask, “ So you ‘re getting married?”-

He replies, “ No, I just really want to and want to learn everything I can.”

If the heated seat was not romancing my back end I think I would have jumped from the moving car-

Stilettos and all…

We got to the place and I hopped out like there was a fire-

Crown Cherry was cracking up as we walked up the side walk and she handed me the business card he had given her to give to me-

She knows me… so sarcastically she said, “ He is really cute – you should call him.”

Antagonizer! (I know that is not a word)

I looked at her and said -“What part of me in the years you have known me would ever connect with a man who is driving around with 9 CD’s in his car preparing a castle/prison for his hypothetical Cinderella which he somehow thinks might be me after 2 seconds of laying eyes on me???”

Actually I guess Snow White would be more accurate being I am Brunette and all…

We went into the place sat down – ordered our drinks-

There were a few men leaving that stopped by our table- we all started talking and laughing and it ended up being a fun end to an evening.

None of us considered that we had to walk back to where we had gotten the ride over-

Thank goodness the men had a limo waiting outside and offered to drop us back-

As we climbed in I sat at the front end of the Limo- right where the window separates the front from the back-

The driver had the window down and as I was trying to explain to him where to take us to- I said-

“Just cut through the Starbucks parking lot-“

He looked in his rear view mirror right into my eyes and said in the driest tone possible-
“Have you ever driven a 65 foot vehicle?”

I looked him back right in the eyes and said- “No sir I have not… but you handle this one so very well that it didn’t even occur to me that you would have a problem cutting through a small parking lot;)“

He smiled back at me and turned into the Starbucks parking lot- thank goodness it was empty-

We arrived and said our goodbyes as snow began to fall-

I went home- took a hot shower and climbed into my warm bed-

On different note-

As I am sitting here writing this I just saw a Baldwin brother -

I always get them confused…

But the odd thing is I have seen 3 different Baldwin brothers in my life time- in three different Starbucks-

The first was Alec- in LA.

The next was the older one… forget his name… chubby one:)- In Orange County, CA-

Now the realllllllllllly good looking one – forget his name too-

One thing is for sure- they are a family of stellar good looks-

Especially the one that just sat down next to me;)

Gotta go!!!

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