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It's natural for women to after men of wealth (30)

Posted Dec 23 2009 5:33am


Whilst it is indeed very shallow for women to go after men solely for their wealth or status, it is also quite natural due to the fact that men are still traditionally seen as providers. Many men do it too (the handsome , the rich and the famous) by seeking women who are very attractive. 

I think that status is far more important to men than to women, in general. Women will go after the men with status because they will usually also be WEALTHY, so, essentially, and maybe sub-consciously, it is the man's wealth that is an aphrodisiac for the women and not his status. For women status = wealth.

For a lot of men is is more the STATUS that's important than the wealth. This status can be acquired in many ways apart from acqquiring wealth. Not only is a man's career an indication of status, but there are many other things that men do that other men will admire, which might not necessarily bring him a lot of wealth. For instance, he might have climbed Mount Everest, or salled around the world in a yacht - in fact, a rich man might even decide to use ALL HIS WEALTH to accomplish his dreams. This would be enormously admired by most other men who would immediately give him status. This is why men admire great sportsmen so much. I might be wrong, but I think most men are driven to make money because of the additional status that money can buy - the realisation of dreams. As a boy a man might have said that one day he would own a Ferrari. So, when he has the money he buys it. That is more a DREAM realised than just bragging (although you get your braggards too).

Women, I think, equate status with money and money alone. Even the things that they may acquire with the money are to show off their MONEY. Not many women use acquired wealth to do something meaningful with it, like realising their dreams, doing charity work, or whatever.

We might then also deduce that women are indeed more money-driven than men, if you see it in the light of women wanting money for money's sake - not doing much with the money except buy things to show off the money (materialism) and men wanting money because of the ADDITIONAL status that it can buy them: respect, satisfaction, a meaningful life.

You might compare the home of a single woman with lots of money to that of a single man with lots of money. The woman will have an enormous amount of material things in her home which are really not necessary and serve no function, but they are there because women are more compulsive (and emotional) shoppers than men. They are there primarily to show off her wealth.

The single wealthy man, on the other hand, will have only the necessary items in his home (all FUNCTIONAL) to make his life at home easier. He might be interested in art or antiques and will purchase these, but they will probably be more for investment and aesthetic value than to actually show off his wealth. He might have a Porsche and a yacht, but again, these are items that he desired as a young boy, and he now has earned the right to purchase them. He is not necessarily flashing his wealth.
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