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It's Botox for You, Dear Bridesmaids

Posted Sep 22 2008 2:17pm
Beautiful weddings have always been a young woman's dream, but this seasoned soul has a different view. This summer I read a NY Times article entitled It's Botox for You, Dear Bridesmaids, regarding the trend of brides paying for their attendants to cosmetically alter their looks.I know I am of the Botox Generation, and I'm not opposed to using it, nor are many of my friends. However, I have a different slant about the new youthful craze where the bride gives Botox party treatments as her wedding gifts to her bridesmaids. It really makes me wonder about the essential values of my age-mates. Sure, you want to give something memorable to those who matter enough to you to share that special moment. And of course, beauty sells. So I can understand the allure. But for me at my age, I would hope my friends would feel wonderful enough about themselves without my "needling" them. I will take my friends any way they choose. If they want face lifts, Botox, restyling and whatever else makes them happy, that's OK with me. But should I ever get re-wed (perish the thought) at this age, I love who is in my life and how they look. They've worked hard to be how and where they are.I might give them a rest and relaxation trip or a night at the theater or just a night hanging out together with wine and champagne, reliving, crying and laughing down memory lane. But I'll happily leave the Botox to the "babes" and take my friends "au natural."
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