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It's Award Time!!!

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:14pm
The Sweet and Saucy Livvy has awarded me with this wonderful acknowledgement. (Secretly, I think she only did so because she wants a spanking from I will happily oblige her when we meet some day. And I think we will, so we'll both keep you posted). She is way too kind to me, but I do have to admit that if I start to feel glum, I know I can go to her site and read all the nice things she says about me and remember that someone in the world loves me. Kinda reminds me of when my kids were little and I would tell them that if they ever felt lonely, all they had to do was look at the sky and they would remember my love was that big....or bigger. Thanks, Livvy.

So now I get to tag five others. And oh my...this is the really difficult part. I had the same problem when I had the Thinking Award. Luckily, many of the ones I would want to mention have already gotten the award so that narrowed the list....a tiny tad. But now I have to try my best to think of the ones that I would want to mention today. I may decide to do more later, as we know I don't always follow directions, but for today I would like to honor:

1) La Fille Mariee....well, of course, we knew I would tag her, because I still maintain my ongoing huge girl internet crush on her. Probably always will....swoonsigh. Her sexiness and my infatuation aside, the real reason I want to award this to her is because she's a damn fine writer. She is creative, fun, funny, sweet, naughty, saucy, poignant, sad, sexy, outrageous all rolled into one fun package. I've also made it no secret that I admire her taking her life into her own hands when she was experiencing what I call "being held hostage" and decided to embrace Life and her sexuality. She never talks about it, but I read/hear that this was not an easy decision for her. She's making a choice to be happy while maintaining something vital to her. I love her integrity in not badmouthing the situation that brought her here. I so admire her. So.

2) Cherrie - I award this to her because I want to go to one of her voyeuristic meals with her. Plus she's now writing the future Sex Manual for our times: the Cherrie on hot and wonderful sex positions for a modern age...and way more respectfully of women than that other gaggy (calm down, Gillette) Sutra book. Plus she a mainstay of the HNT movement....a dedicated and committed person to keeping real naked people visible. She covers tons of stuff, in a variety of areas..I never know what interesting research she's done and I always learn lots on her site.

3) Sulpicia - She's brand new here in Blogland, but I've loved her writing and her energy from her first comment on here. It glowed and I was immediately drawn in. I love her mind....maybe because she says so much that sounds exactly like I think AND I have this feeling that if we were to meet in person, it wouldn't be like meeting someone new. Rather it would feel like connecting with someone I've known my whole life but just haven't seen for awhile. Plus the music and food wold be outrageous....oh...but this is an award for blogging not Gillette's hedonistic tendencies. So if you haven't done so already, go check her out. She's a great read and has good art on her site. And we like good art...there I go again...

4) Lina - Because she's so cool and is one smart cookie!!! I had no idea she was Tom and C's Little Witch until she said so (I am so numb in the brain that it takes people pointing things out to me directly). She's funny, a great writer, and covers a myriad of topics with insight and wit. Her heart feels huge. Plus she studies New Relgious Movements and dreams of great outfits to wear on Sundays. She's a great read, great fun and it's oh so fun to hear someone who is so poetically in love...or is it lust???....or an internet crush????? Only Lina (and the gods) know for sure.

5) Emma- Sorry, Emma (not really, I lied)... I know I already tagged you within the last month but this is what happens when you become one of my Heroes. Emma is the femdom partner of scott who comments here lots. I love her writing, love her relationship, admire her domme-i-ness and the way she loves her man. I so admire that she has chosen to live life fully and on the edge (or what many would consider on the edge). I so admire that she and her partner write about it and teach the world about differences, doing so graphically and spiritually. I admire that they do all this with amazing awareness. I admire her relationship based on Radical Truth Telling and diving deeply into shadows. I just admire her. Can you tell? many more I want to tag......


My Dear Adrienne also tagged this blog as one that's Making A Positive Global Change.

As she so beautitully put it on her blog:

"The meme started at Climate for our Future, with its mission to "change the world we live in for the better." Well, it seems that the nature of this award is evolving from its main focus on the condition of the environment of our beautiful blue-green planet earth, to the environment of our sex lives, and spiritual awakening. All the same stuff really. Intimately related at least."
What I'm going to do is to open it up to the world here....if you feel you are blogging in part to make the world a happier place, jump right in and claim your logo!!!
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