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It is like we are strangers now!

Posted Sep 04 2008 1:25am
The way you write, I feel you're suffering from what you're going through. Obviously, in any couple, when partners become indifferent to each other, when they're losing any form of genuine contact, it's a signal that communication inside their couple doesn't work anymore.
Don't you think that, in your situation, it should be the first and most important point on which to focus, - COMMUNICATION?
Try to throw away any reserve or 'shyness' and talk to her without any kind of reproach, explaining :" I feel (...), WHEN I (...), BECAUSE I (...)". This is a well-known formula, called " I-messages", by the shrinks.
You'll carefully avoid using the word YOU :'accusing' her, making her feel guilty or putting any responsibility on her, is totally useless if you want to go forward. Just calmly, gently tell her your feelings, your sincere desire to "get the spark back".
If love is still "burning among the ashes", if she agrees to show just a touch of goodwill, then you would have made a big step forward. Reaching harmony asks indeed a mutual goodwill, some efforts from both sides to rebuild something together.
A means to find a kind of "no-mans-land" would maybe to read together the book I've written on this very subject, - reaching harmony again...
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