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Is Tiger Woods a True Sex Addict? - Read This and Decide for Yourself

Posted Dec 22 2009 7:24pm
If you’re among the many people who want to know whether or not Tiger Woods is really a sex addict, I’ve compiled a list of behaviors common to sex addicts which you can check and then decide for yourself.

Since the list is a bit long for a blog post, I've posted it on my National Infidelity Examiner page under the title Is Tiger Woods a Sex Addict? Judge for Yourself .

Why Everyone Want to Know if Tiger Woods is Addicted to Sex

Is Tiger Woods a sex addict? This question has been in minds of everyone following the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal since sources suggested that he might be addicted to sex.

According to recent reports, Tiger Woods may be the victim of dual addictions – sex addiction, and addiction to two prescription drugs (Vicodin and Ambien), both of which have the side effect of boosting the male sex drive.

Medical Reasons for Tiger’s Behavior?

If Tiger Woods is a true sex addict, then this put his behavior in an entirely different light. It means he has medical reasons for his multiple mistresses and serial infidelity

As an infidelity expert who has been researching infidelity for over 16 years, I’ve interviewed literally thousands of infidelity victims and cheaters of both sexes. I’ve encountered many serial cheaters who use sex addiction as an excuse for their marital misbehavior.

From the list of behaviors and characteristics I compiled when researching the topic of sex addiction, it appears that Tiger Woods may one of the few serial cheaters who is a true sex addict.

But I invite you to take a look at the list and decide for yourself.

You may come to a different conclusion.

Even Medical Professionals Disagree about Sex Addiction

Only a qualified medical professional can make an accurate diagnosis about sex addiction.

But it’s interesting to note that even in medical circles sex addiction is a controversial topic – one on which even medical professionals don’t all agree.

Many don’t even acknowledge sex addiction as a “legitimate” addiction.

But a growing number of medical professionals believe that compulsive sexual behavior ( sex addiction) is a very real disorder that affects an estimated 16 million Americans of both sexes.

Take a Look at the List and Decide for Yourself

But back to the questions of whether or not Tiger Woods is a sex addict.

The list of over 20 behaviors and characteristics common to sex addicts was compiled from several medical sources, and appears in my article entitled Is Tiger Woods a Sex Addict? Judge for Yourself. Click here to read it, or follow the link below, and tell me what you think

Is Tiger Woods really a sex addict?

Check out the list, and decide for yourself.

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