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Is It Safe To Have Sex While My Wife Is Pregnant? (Video)

Posted Jul 28 2008 7:16am

Today’s emphasis on the health of pregnant women can have men wondering ifhaving sex with a womanduring her pregnancy is healthy and safe for both the mom and the child.

Fortunately, men will be happy to hear that the onlyban on sexis after the baby is born. There are, however, some considerations to take when engaging your pregnant lady in sex - just out of courtesy.  

Dear Dan and Jennifer,


If my wife is pregnant is it still ok to have sex? because me and my wife are thinking about having a baby and when she’s pregnant I don’t want to miss out on sex for several months. I hope you answer my question in one of your videos.





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Yes, It’s Safe

Your doctor will tell you if your baby is healthy and if the pregnancy is progressing normally. If your doctor confirms a healthy pregnancy, there is no harm whatsoever in havingsex with your partner during her pregnancy.

Most doctorswillput a ban on sex for a short time after the baby is born, but during a normal pregnancy, there is nothing to worry about when having sex with your partner. That doesn’t mean, however, that your partner will always feel like having sex.

When She Doesn’t Feel Like It

Even a normal, healthypregnancy is tough on a woman’s bodyand emotions. Sometimes it’s difficult for the body to produce the hormones necessary for arousal when it’s regulating both the health of the mother and the baby.

A mom has to produce more blood and even grow a new organ along with the baby when she’s pregnant and with all that going on, she might not feel up to having sex. The second trimester is reportedly better for the sex drive when the morning sickness goes away and before she gets uncomfortably big, but it’s not foolproof.

If your partnerdoesn’t feel like having sex, don’t hold it against her! Do something else that is intimate instead, such as rubbing her belly or her feet or just cuddling on the couch.

When She Does Feel Like It

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