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Introducing Good Husband Deeds

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:43pm
I'd like to introduce a new series on A Good Husband. I've noticed that I have quite a bit more female readership than I originally thought I would have. My thought is that while there are a lot of women looking for advice on how to improve their relationships, there are also a lot of women who have truly great men in their lives. This series is all about those great men.

Introducing Good Husband Deeds: a weekly series where women can do us all a favor by sharing stories of how the chivalrous men in their lives have made them so happy. Each post will feature a story shared by a woman about one thing that her husband did for her that made her feel special and loved. It can be any sort of deed, big or small.

Ladies, I know you're reading my blog. Take a look below to see some examples of what some other men did for their wives. The first example is an unsolicited compliment from my wife. The Good Husbands are out there, and they feel truly appreciated when praised in public. If you have any Good Husband Deeds to share, please contact me via a comment, or send me an email at cory_huff at yahoo dot com.


I have th e greatest husband! it's just a fact. and I like it. (hee hee, of course right?) So yesterday I was feeling so yucky, ucky, ill and then I was cranky because of it and well, it was all around a discouraging me that my dear husband was having to deal with in the evening. but wonderful man that he is he just went to work making everything "better," so he propped me up on the couch tucked a blanket around me, put on my favorite show, made dinner, brought it to me, and snuggled next to me . . . then he continued to play "butler" getting me water, and a book to read, and then later tucking me into bed. He's just the bestest!!
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