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individual therapy to save marriage

Posted by rutuja

Can this treatment bring back my husband to our loving family with same dedication as he is having an extra marital affair n sex relationship with other lady.He is under a strong influence.we had a very nice,happy and good family with two small kids.I ried a lot and convinced him to save our marrige.Kindly do guide me.

I love him a lot and kids need him.he is spoiling his carer and life being after her


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An acknowledgement of wrongdoing and a commitment to restoring his family will bring your husband back home.  The right kind of therapy and counselor/therapist can help you all build a healthier and happier home.

Individual therapy will help you sort out your feelings and your options.

The therapy will NOT bring back your husband. However, what you learn about yourself and your relationship with him will help you decide what you need to do next — which might include changing how you are currently interacting with your husband. What you do with a therapist's guidance MIGHT make a difference with your husband.

You may not be able to change your situation but individual therapy can definitely help you change your ability to cope with it.


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