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In the sea of love- do you snorkel, snuba or scuba?

Posted Jan 26 2010 6:36am










Some people like to stay on the surface. There are some couples I observe that have the communication depth of a pot hole…

But hey, it works for them and as they say, it takes all kinds…



There are some who, because of their life path or upbringing, are always skating along the surface- only crossing over the line here and there into unchartered territory. Yet there is a part of them that is curious, open and attracted to the mystery and murkiness that depth brings.






 Maybe it is the crossing over when they allow it that keeps this part of their heart alive. These are the ones that you see most the time in long term relationships; the kind that when you meet them you can’t quite figure out if they are friends, roommates, brother or sister? There is a comfort there because there is a consistency and a dependency.





They both stay on the surface; they don’t rock the boat or draw the other deeper. And most the time, they find themselves drawn to scuba divers…we will get to those in a minute.



Those are the snorkelers…



Then there is the snuba group. Snuba was created as the alternative for those seeking more than a snorkel experience but not as deep as a scuba experience.





 You see, snubas go under the surface, use the gear that a scuba diver wears, but their breath line is connected by a cord to the breath tanks that are floating in a rafter upon the surface.




So technically, they are more snorkeler than scuba… but they have a longing to see what lies beneath. To allow every inch of their body to be submersed in the sea of love, while still having the security and peace of mind knowing they are tied to something on the surface.







These are usually singles, commitment phobic’s, or even ones who are in long term- maybe long distance relationships, that find they sometimes cross the line into the experience with a scuba. But obviously they can only go so deep because they are still attached to their security line; which is their comfort line.





 I don’t envy the snubas. There is an underlining longing drawing them deeper, yet they can’t seem to cut the cord and go for it. It is as if they are stuck between both worlds.

Then there are the scuba divers. I fall into this category. These are the people who can’t imagine not going as deep as you can because they know that it is in the depths where the wonder of life exists; in all of its magnificent colors, caves, and even impending danger.



 Yes, they run the risk of running out of air. Yes, they run the risk of getting eaten alive.


These are the ones working to be the master to the art of their own seduction. But it is in their blood and no matter if the tank is showing the air is going to run out soon, they hope for one last magnificent display of creation to pass before their eyes on their way up for air.



These are not faint in heart. They don’t fear love, and if they do it is the passion and drive for pushing the envelope or bulldozing a new path that will over ride their logic.



Scubas usually find themselves attracted to snubas. They see in them the lightness and almost sit in awe of the snuba’s ability to exist in both worlds.



 The snorkeler doesn’t go deep enough for them. They might find themselves attracted for the first 5 minutes but they always crave a deeper connection, even in the most casual of interactions.

The person who has mastered their senses and found balance within themselves is a person who can snorkel, snuba and scuba; finding the gift in all of them.



 That can connect to all people on the level that nurtures the best in both themselves and the other person; but is still a person comfortable in the depths that they feel most natural in. Whether that is on the surface, a few feet under or down as deep as it can get…






In the sea of love,



Do you snorkel?






Or Scuba?











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