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In the general scheme of things many of us get the seconds or thirds, or fourths (102 reads)

Posted May 14 2009 4:40pm

In the general scheme of things many of us get the seconds or thirds, or fourths, etc.......... It is not uncommon to have a partner who has gotten naked with at least several others before we came into their lives, and for me that' s as it should be. When I was a virgin I used to have a very narrow view of sexuality, that I' d only be with someone who was a virgin herself, so we could share that "magic moment" together. With experience came the realization that there was no way in hell I could verify a woman' s claim to not having slept with another before me. Wouldn' t be the first time a woman had claimed that only to find out years later that there was this guy in high school..........well you get the idea. Plus I really want someone who has honed her skills in bed. I don' t believe I would want a woman who hasn' t had at least a few lovers in her past.

Now the baggage can definitely be left at home. If it' s going to be another woman who hasn' t gotten over the hurts of her past then a relationship is out of the question. A casual hookup fulfilling sexual needs for each other is fine. Only problem is even with so-called NSA sex feelings can develop over time. If that were to occur then you both have a decision to make; either go into a more formal relationship or break it off.
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