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In the Eyes of A Child

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:09pm
This is a guest post by Jonathan Smit from BetterRelationshipBuilder . Just want you all to know that I'm a total tool for not posting that earlier.

What makes a Good Husband in the eyes of a child?

Often we determine what makes a good husband from the wife’s, friends, family or even the husband’s personal point of view. Very rarely is a good husband spoken about from a child’s eyes. I’m not saying that any of them are wrong, because they most definitely are not, we need these relationships . But we do need to remember our children; the way that a husband treats his wife is the same way that the son will treat his wife one day later on.

When I was growing up, a few things stood out that my dad did that showed to me, as a child, that he was a good husband.
Showing Your Love

A child loves to know that his parents love each other. If you really love your wife, then show it, especially to your children. It is important for a child to grow up in a home that as an abundance of love, where they can learn what love really is and how to apply it to more than just a word or feeling.
Include Your Family in Decisions

Let your children be a part of what decisions you make as a family, simple things like choosing a restaurant or what movie you would like to watch.
Be a Leader

Children need to see their dad in a leader role, not only as a father, but also a husband.
Children need order and boundaries, this needs to be shown by you, as the husband and father to your children. Again what your children see you do is what they will most of the time do later on in their life.
A very important thing to remember is that you can never be a perfect husband, your children know this and they will remind you. But they develop a great respect for you if you can humble yourself and apologize when you do go wrong. I know this is very hard for many men, but it’s a key to being a great husband.
Once you take these keys and apply them you have began the journey in showing your children how to be a good husband.
Photo courtesy of Xman .
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