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In a New York minute everything can change... for the better.

Posted Jan 14 2009 4:59pm
I was getting ready for my day-

I had been given tickets to the playoff game-

50 yard line. 6 rows up… couldn’t get any better.

When I got a call-

From my sister.

“Amy, have you heard from Mom about Dad?”-

My sister then went on to tell me that he had been rushed to the hospital.

I got to the emergency room as they were taking all of my father’s information.

My head was spinning- my stomach was in a knot. The tears were pushing forward like soldiers on a front line and I was fighting against them with everything I had.

Both my parents had been very sick the last couple of weeks- nothing out of the ordinary except that it was taking time for them to get better.

I stood next to my Dad rubbing his back as he sat in a chair. He grabbed my arm –

And like a five year old boy looked straight at me- tears streaming from his eyes and said-

“I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.”

I lost it.

They rushed him back- hooked him up to a bunch of I.V.’s –

Blood tests- X rays- heart monitors, EKG’s…

My father had severe pneumonia.

Eventually they admitted him and we sat up in the hospital room.

As he slept on and off, I watched the game with my mom-

Gave my tickets to some friends.

That night my Mom put up a brave face- as I left the hospital she was going to go home- I wasn’t 30 seconds down the road when she called to ask if I would come and stay with her…

It was Saturday that I saw the children in both my parents-

My rocks- who I have always been safe and secure with-

Were human- vulnerable- scared.

Though I have always known this…

That night I tried to process all that took place that day-

Watching my Mom hold my father- seeing how strong their bond and love is-

Wondering, as a daughter, how I could ever see a world without them together.

My Mom and I sat on their couch- flipping through channels- Neither one of us even thinking of sleep.

There was a movie on that I had wanted to see- asked my Mom if she would like to watch it.

We sat and watched it- I was thinking how nice it was to be sitting with my mother watching a movie… thinking to myself why it took a circumstance like this to sit and spend time in that way.

As if to read my mind my mom says, “It is nice to sit here and watch a movie with you.”

In a New York minute… everything can change-

And I guess if you let it- can almost make life a little clearer and a lot more vibrant.

Today I am so very grateful for my family- for health- for the support of friends and family.

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