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i want sex all the time and husband says in addited to it am i realyl or do i just have a high sex drive?

Posted by danielledixon6

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I found that, not sure how much it will help. But most likely you either have a really high sex drive or he has an abnormally low one. 

actually, it is not normal (healthy) to want sex all the time...if you really want it all the time, it might be something wrong with your hormones. When a woman gets an orgams, or two, or three in a row, she doesn't want sex. What about you? If you hard to be satisfied, you'd better hear what your partner says as he could be right.
Just because u are turned on all the time doesn't make u an addict. A sex addict is someone who can't do without sex if u don't get it at home u will go sleep with strangers several times a week and then feel guilty about and still do it again. From ur post I don't think this is u. Although u could have a hormone imbalance I'm curious as to why ur man is complaining most wouldn't if its just that he can't keep up buy a toy for yourself. But if u really think u have an unhealthy drive talk to ur gyne and get a blood test.
there so many causes one major is that man unable to satisfies  his partner in sex and second is many women have high sex drive that can be cured by medicines and also doing deep breathing exercise. if u want more help u r welcome.
If you can get addicted to sex why can't your husband get addicted to sex, Obviously there is nbo such thing as addiction to sex. You get addicted to alcohal. The more you drink the more you want to have it. On the other hand you do not want to have sex again after you just had it. You can't increase your desire to have sex by having more of it. People have high or low sex libido. If they have high sex libido they can't be satisfied. And probably you remain unsatisfied after you had sex with your hubby. May be he ejacuculates prematurely. May be he does not do enogh of stimulation before he's the intercourse. So if you want to have sex it does not mean that you are addicted to sex. I saw the reply of some body to your question. He talked about treatment. If you can be treated? Why would any body want to treat you. You are not sick. Would they treat you by giving drugs to reduce the hormone levels in your blood stream? I do not think you should be seeing doctors and have them say you have a sickness. Lots of women do lot of masturbation. They use vibrators. They use toys. Your hubby could help by helpinG you with vibrators. Most men are selfish. After they are satisfied they do not want to go near their woman. And the woman gets dubbed as addicted to sex. All I can say is that you are married to a wrong man. You should have a man who helps you relieve your exual stress.
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