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I'm in love with a man but I think he doesn't care. He's 6 years younger and he lies to me.

Posted Sep 04 2008 2:33am

To help you? Then I have to open your eyes! And this hurts so much when you're in love (or more exactly when you think you're in love). :-)
My domain, Lucy, is trying to help people to build their relationship again, after they went through a painful crisis; this asks only one thing : a touch of sincere goodwill from both sides.
Sometimes, however, you need some moments of lucidity : to take stock, - or to split up is in some cases the only way to stop suffering.
Indeed, dear Lucy, in order to enjoy a stable, fulfilling relationship by the side of a man, the difference in ages is not the point. In the first 20 years anyway.
What you need, on the other hand, is to build your relationship on mutual trust and admiration. As I continuously repeat it, you have to share the same essential values; trust the same ideas; share some fields of interest; the same kind of upbringing; you need to have a goal together, objectives, projects,...

Shouldn't you have mistaken Love (the real one!) with a passionate desire? Passion obviously is a marvelous experience... as long as it is mutual. But if you already realize now that he's calculating and manipulating, what are you doing with such a man who destroys you??
Think about all this; ask you some questions; recognize with simplicity and self-indulgence that you maybe have made a mistake. And... turn the page. It's so much better to live alone for some time than in a bad company.

And, in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future, when you'll soon meet a man who'll suit you - a good, attentive, tender and trustworthy man -, well take a look on my book : it will amuse and interest you because it's filled of concrete suggestions and above all solutions to help you in any possible difficulty you could go through in your life as a couple. :-)
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