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I'll share a life as a couple after 8 years living as a bachelor...

Posted Sep 04 2008 2:29am
What a magnificent challenge you're taking up! Indeed these years with no constraint or obligations did mature you and make you realize the importance of your autonomy. They also sharpened the way you're judging women...
I warmly and sincerely wish you to find happiness and harmony in your relationship
Finally, it's not a very hard goal to reach, you know, - when you're following some simple 'recipes', always the same ones. Maybe you've already read them on this blog; the 7 "majors" to remember are - in my eyes :
* A good communication helped by an attentive listening: it's so important to exchange ideas in daily genuine conversations and never going to bed "with a weight on your heart".
* To moderate your 'emotional reactivity':" Why should you make a mountain with a clod?"
* Expressing your tenderness. And your... expectations. In every domains.
* Sharing the same values. And also : various fields of interest, similar tastes and ideas, projects, activities, objectives, bursts of laughter, moments filled of wonder, emotions, responsibilities, decisions, experiences, ...
* Reserving frequent moments to yourself : to fulfill one's own personality, it's highly beneficial for each of you to keep a certain part of autonomy.
* Valuing the partner and respecting their right to be... different.
* In the frame of exchanges, accepting to make certain mutual concessions in order to find compromises which are satisfying for both (win-win).
It's really like cooking, you see : you follow the recipe and the cake is delicious. ;-)
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