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I have been prone to getting warts all my life. Wondering if the virus that causes warts could give my boyfriend hives?

Posted by volleydee84

I've been prone to getting warts since I was a little kid.  I've read online that they are caused by a virus that effects the immune system?  Since meeting, my boyfriend has been getting hives on almost a daily basis and particularly when having sex.  He usually has them appear in small amounts on his arms on a daily basis in early evening, but after sex they will often cover his entire chest, arms, and neck.  He's never had any warts, but I'm curious if the virus that causes my warts can be effecting him or his immune system, possibly causing the hives???  He's also a lot more prone to getting sick and reacting to allergens than ever before... Not sure if this is a stretch, but the hives are driving him crazy and no one seems to be able to determine why...Help :/
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