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I have a sore in the genital area, which comes and goes. How can I know if it is herpes?

Posted by jacquibehar

I'm a married 50 year old woman but have been separated from my husband for more than a year and have had no sexual partners since. I'm a little overweight. After I got separated I keep getting every 2-3 months sores in the genital area which at the beginning are painful and itchy, and then ichy and when scratched they get sore. I wash thoroughly with water and soap once a day the genital area. Visually, the soar looks like a red bump, no blisters nor blood. I apply antimycotics or rash creams, but I don't feel any of these help. The sore usually has a cycle, getting very bad and then disappears gradually, and is only one at a time. What could this be and how should I treat it?
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