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I had unprotected sex after morning after pill

Posted by girlie

Hi, I had unprocted sex after taking morning after pill. But he said he didn't cum in me.I took morning after pill a week ago and had sex the same day. and i started to bleed lightly today very dark  tho. What should i do ? I'm worried, Could i be pregnant  or is it common ? please help me!

Thank you alot

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The morning after pill has a high rate of success for preventing pregnancies. Also, the beginning of a period typically would indicate that you are not pregnant. Also, he says he did not cum inside you. All of these things combined would almost surely indicate that you are NOT pregnant.


We do not advise the regular use of morning after pills for birth control. They were never designed for that; nor were they tested for safety in that kind of use (frequent or daily). They would be used only in an emergency situation where unprotected sex happened in an unplanned way. The use of condoms or regular birth control pills would be preferable.



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I see. Thank you for your answer.  Today i started bleed more it looks like light period. It doesn't hurt when i use the bathroom but it makes me worried about .. i'm already 23 but im still not ready for that. Does that mean i have HIV or some kind of inspection? or is it usually happens after morning after pill ?  

I think i should take birth control pill, i never had one.. I thought birth control pill is bad for health. maybe i was wrong... idk

mmm well dats not true bout da period thing cause because my friend was pregnant but still got her  period the next day after conciving
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