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I Do Believe I'm Feeling Stronger Everydayyyyy....

Posted Feb 28 2011 1:38pm

Hiya. I know. It's been a while. Hey, can I just give you the quick version and tell you that the last five months have been challenging?

But for some crazy reason (or for a lot of very good and entirely sane reasons), some happiness is finding its way to me. I knew when I bought myself an insanely bright rainbow touk this weekend (knitted cap for those of you who don't hang around Canadians and Minnesotans much), that my personal clouds were starting to lift. (Yes, I'll post a picture some time when I look super pretty for you.)

So, of course, I do have more to write about here, and no I haven't canned the book idea, but first I want to just see if I can just be happy for a while before I immerse myself in more explorations of death.  You know, it might be nice to see what happens if I'm alive and smiling as a way of life. Joyful even. Mama needs to get full mojo back and swingin'.

And on that note...


Can I get a BIG freakin' AMEN and WOO HOOOOOO SISTAH!?!?

Okay, it's still under construction but I'm too excited to not let you come over and see the place. Don't be surprised if it's different every time you head over there as I'm working fast and furious on it.

And since I'm going to be doing a lot of cool stuff with it and this blog may not see me as much for a while, I'm going to switch things up and make my photo blog my primary blog.

So, if you are visiting and are used to seeing No Safe Distance (this blog) and suddenly my photo blog shows up, fear not. No Safe Distance is still remaining where it is. You just need the direct, not default address to get to it( ).


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