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I am married since 30 yrs. We have 3 children. All are grown up. Now my wife has no more confidence

Posted Sep 04 2008 1:51am
I sympathize... What puzzles me is "How can she be so sure of your 'fault', if there is nothing true in her accusation?..."
If you're sincere and tell me the truth, the problem seems indeed essentially coming from your wife. (Contrary to your situation, usually the responsibility of a severe conflict is shared...)
However, I ask me a question :"married since 30 years, children grown up and quarrels... in presence of children." Do you mean, they are adults but still living with you?
In this case, why shouldn't you speak apart with them, asking them their frank opinion and their help? As well as what they think about their mother's bad temper and point of view?
Maybe your wife has some unsatisfied expectations in various plans and could calm herself after some efforts from your side?
The origin obviously can be a physiological one too : menopause or metabolic problems related to the thyroïd gland. (This could terribly affect the temper). Let her consult a physician.
Anyway, you can't continue like that! If your children are adults, they can earn their life and help their mother too.
Well, if those reproaches of infidelity are definitely groundless, why not trying a radical solution : leaving home and staying away for a week or two. Maybe you could stay at the home of a friend or a close relation? Should it be possible?
The shock on her mind could be beneficial in helping your wife to understand that she exaggerates and is unjust.
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