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I’m A Teenage Macrophile – What If It Gets Out? (Video)

Posted Apr 12 2011 10:00am

BDSM and sexual fetishes are things you might not want some people in your life (or anyone) knowing about you. This can be difficult if your fetish often involves using websites for art and interaction with other people – like with Macrophilia. Posting on BDSM and fetish forums can be fun, but protecting your identity is important. Here’s how to do that – and how to handle it if your secret gets out.

I am scared because I have been a macrophile all my young life. And I submit cute Macrophile pictures on a public art website. But more of my peers are joining the site and they know my user name. My close friends know and are fine with it, but some people I don’t trust also know! the teens at my school are evil in general and would go crazy if they found out! what should I do!?

–YouTube Viewer

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Macrophilia is a sexual fetish involving big, giant things. Most often, this is in the form of giant women, however, macrophilia can also involve giant breasts or penises. This fetish is most often expressed through art and anime. While some people may consider this type of sexual interest “weird” or “strange,” there’s really nothing wrong with it as long as it involves consenting adults only and doesn’t hurt anyone.

While sharing your sexual interests with others who like the same things you do automatically makes you vulnerable to outside judgement. That’s the risk you take by opening yourself up to other people when it involves your fetishes. It doesn’t matter how old you are – whether you’re a young teenager or an older adult – if you put yourself out there like that, you risk getting judged by other people who are uncomfortable with your fetish. It also doesn’t matter what you like – even if it’s just enjoying sex toys – there is bound to be someone or somewhere that will disagree with your interests.

This means that it is often easier to be very discreet about who you share your personal interests with, especially interests of a sexual nature. Instead of subjecting yourself to public ridicule and judgement from other people who likely have interests of their own that other people would also call strange, being discreet and private in the online community will benefit you much, much more. If you stay anonymous, you are able to enjoy your fantasies rather than being worried someone you know will find you and make fun of you publicly.

Keeping your private life private doesn’t suggest what you’re doing is wrong. It just means that you’re aware that people aren’t always accepting of others and may not be understanding about what you like and find erotic. You’re simply just making things easier on yourself.

In the online community – especially with BDSM and fetish forums – it is easy to be anonymous. Your username can be something totally unrelated to you and you can choose not to share your email address with others in the forum. This makes sure that no one from your real life persona can tie you to your online persona.

Be careful not to make references in your posts or anything that you do online to your real persona or your real life. Don’t talk about people you really know or things that happened to you. Keep your real life and your online personality completely, 100% separate. When you have a completely private profile, you can freely express your opinions and talk about what is important to you without fearing the backlash you would get if someone you know in real life found out.

If someone you know in real life does find out about your secret fetish , it can get pretty complicated. Your first thought might be that you’re embarrassed and if you’re a teenager, you may be worried that someone in your school will start making fun of you publicly in front of your peers.

Talk to someone neutral, that has the ability to be objective about the situation and what your interests are, such as a guidance counselor, a therapist or a very trusted friend. If you’re in school, a guidance counselor or a teacher may be able to help keep you safe from bullying.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with having sexual likes that are different from everyone else’s. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. You may have to learn to let the fact that others aren’t going to accept your fetish or fantasy and just get on with your life!

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