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How You Can Finally Spot The G-Spot

Posted Aug 08 2009 10:15pm

Fresh research has confirmed this fact: every woman has a g-spot. This is the puzzling small part of you that has the ability to create pleasure that is out of this world. Read on and discover all you will ever have to know about experiencing its power.

If you’re yet to partake of this area’s magic, you must have heard the stories regarding the g-spot, a sensual area that is found in the interior part of your womanhood that can create mind-blowing orgasms when stimulated properly. On the other hand, this spot can be a source of frustration because many women are yet to find this elusive zone. While the g-spot concept is not a new phenomenon, considering that researchers have talked about it for a long time, the medical fraternity has always been hesitant to affirm its actual presence in women.

Well, I have some exciting news for you. The g-spot, or the Grafenberg spot, is a reality and you have acknowledged access to it, according to biopsies and MRI scans carried out by doctors.

Read on below for a ‘guided tour’ to your g-spot and trust us, you will discover it. After the discovery, I’ll proceed to explain to you how to handle it for maximum pleasure.

What is the G-spot, Anyway?

The actual size of the gspot is a contentious issue. The size can be anything from 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches and it is found on your vagina’s upper wall, approximately one inch or two away from the opening of your vagina. Beneath it is an extremely sensitive amount of tissue that responds sexually to the right kind of touch, as explained by Debby Herbenick, PhD from Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. The sensation felt in the g-spot are sometimes described as deeper than those felt as a result of clitoral stimulation. The feeling is explained as a warm, glowing feeling that can be felt in the entire woman’s body.

Some experts who have always been aware of this spot’s existence were previously unsure regarding what the g-spot exactly is. They tried to establish whether the spot is a distinctive gland or a mere group of nerve endings that extend from the clitoral bottom part. Researches are clear about this: The g-spot is an independent unit, comparable to a male organ. It is referred to as our version of the prostate because its tissues are in an area whose chemicals are the same as those that are produced by male prostate glands that make sperm nourishing fluid, says Dr. Goldstein.

The g-spot and male prostate are also similar in terms of what women feel when the g-spot is stimulated. Some women report that they feel wetness that is beyond what they experience with other forms of stimulation. Some even say that they produce a clear fluid, which has no odor upon reaching climax.

Where to Find the G-Spot

Take a deep breath, lie down and relax. Your first attempt to find your g-spot will probably require patience. Begin by keeping your legs apart and bend your knees. This opens up your vagina and provides easy access to it. Face your palm upwards and place 2 fingers inside your vagina while pressing the tips of your fingers against the central part of the upper wall of the vagina. “You are looking for a springy, furrowed or slightly uneven area, similar to the upper part of your mouth,” Celeste Hirschman of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, explains.

If you are unsuccessful after numerous attempts, fill your mind with sexual fantasies or thoughts. When you become turned on, the g-spot will be filled with fluid and this will cause it to swell and increase in size. “It will be easier for you to find it when you are aroused.”

A strange notification that you have located it is a strong urge to urinate. “The g-spot is located next to the urethra and when you touch it; you will feel the need to urinate”, clinical director Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD explains.

Carry out continuous experiments by yourself with the use of varying levels of speed and pressure. Do not be alarmed if you feel yourself getting closer to an orgasm. You don’t have to resist the feeling; just allow yourself to enjoy an extremely intense gspot orgasm by yourself before you get the chance to explain to your man what it will take to reach that point.

Show Your Lover Where Your G is!

Do you remember how your partner found the various pleasurable points of your body through a series of trials in the initial stages of your relationship? You should anticipate the same experience with your G. Granted he will be thrilled about helping you explore its blissful sensations; this is an unfamiliar area for many men.

To guide him easily, tell him to gently insert 1 or 2 fingers inside your vagina and then he should feel along the upper wall of your vagina. If it is difficult for him to locate the exact spot, let him kiss you, caress your nipples or feel the external area of your vagina. The more stimulated you feel, the more conspicuous your g-spot will become and it will be easier to find.

It is a good idea to place some pillows beneath your lower back and spread your legs wider, this will open up your vagina and provide him with more access inside you, says Dr. Danielle Harel. When he hits the spot, guide him to gently manipulate it in delicious, slow circles. Caresses can differ; they may be in the form of number 8’s or a speedy sequence of pulsating movements. The G withstands pressure; you may need to tell him to massage it more firmly.

A g-spot technique that he should try on you is the tapping method. “With the tip of his finger, have him repeatedly tap your g-spot firmly”, advises Harel. She explains that there is a natural reason as to why this creates a sensational feeling. “The most powerful moments of physical touch on any part of the body are typically during the initial seconds. When he taps you, it feels as if he is touching you there for the very first time repeatedly and this causes an accumulation of feelings that can lead to a memorable orgasm.

Sexual Positions that Heighten G-spot Pleasure

You on top of him is a guaranteed g-spot conquerer. When you face your partner while leaning backwards at an angle, this allows his penis to lie against the higher wall of your vagina. Even the most minor thrusts will mean that he will automatically rub against your g-spot. Another advantage of this position is that you can control how deep and how fast he will thrust, which will make it easier for you to regulate the way your partner’s penis strokes your g-spot.

The doggie style move also gives your lover easy contact with your sweet spot. If you lie on your belly and keep your legs slightly apart, the walls of the vagina will be compressed and this will make it virtually unavoidable for your lover’s penis to evade your g-spot.

Do not disregard the possibilities of the missionary position. Try out this different version by lying on your back. Bend your knees, with your feet flat on the floor or any other surface. Use a couple of pillows under your lower back to facilitate a raised pelvis. Your lover is required to sit up and penetrate with upward angle thrusts. This will bring his penis into contact with your vagina’s upper wall.

A Vital Trick to Guarantee G-Spot Ecstasy

The bedroom trick that involves the g-spot with legendary success is known as the blended climax. For a wall shattering climax, the g-spot is stimulated while either your lover or you fiddle around with the clitoris. This serves to give you a double dose of pleasure in the form of an orgasm. “The clitoral nerves are located very near your g-spot and when the two parts are touched simultaneously, the climax is intense,” explains Hirschman.

A Blended O can be experienced during a foreplay session when your partner rubs your clitoris using his fingers and he uses two other fingers to caress your g-spot. “As the feeling of excitement increases, your pelvis should rise in a motion that allows you to thrust against his entire hand”, says Hirschman. She also suggests an oral move that involves him gently yet firmly licking your clitoris while massaging your sweet spot.

To enjoy a combined orgasm during sexual intercourse, the woman-on-top position is the most effective. Harel explains that you should angle your body and let his penis rub against the gspot while you hold up your body with your hands, preferably on a hard surface. In the meantime, your lover should actively touch your clitoris.

Another blended orgasm variation is the doggie style position where you kneel low with the support of your forearms. Raise your pelvis off the floor, table or bed to allow either of you to have easy contact with your c-spot. Increase the sensation by asking your lover to thrust slightly before ordering him to let go so that either of you can take over your clitoral stimulation. Order him (politely of course!) to start again while you gently flick your clit with your fingers.

When you feel like you can’t endure much more, let him caress you both outside and inside until you are ready to climax. Harel says this is a good move because the two of you participate in helping you to reach a combi climax orgasm. Aside from the intense physical pleasure, the emotional connection is powerful.

How to Maximize the Force of Your G-Spot Orgasms

To reach g-spot bliss, you will need to practice and continually stimulate it as well as make it a part of your sexual activity.

Aside from increasing the amount of sexual activity, you can intensify the pleasure by carrying out Kegel exercises. These involve the contraction of your pelvic muscles, just like you would if you attempt to stop urine from flowing out. Hirschman says that Kegels strengthen vaginal muscles and provide a strengthened grip during sex and this increases the pressure on your G.

This is how you do the Kegel exercises: focus on the pelvic muscle that controls your urine flow. Squeeze as tightly as possible, hold the position for a few seconds and let go. Repeat this 10 times, several times during the day. These exercises are convenient and you can do them virtually anywhere. Do them when you’re caught up in traffic, during a shower or even as you sit behind your desk. Repeated Kegels on a daily basis will increase the sensitivity of your g-spot.

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