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How To Use Sex Positions To Last Longer In Bed And Improve Your Performance By Up To 500%

Posted Oct 31 2008 12:13pm 1 Comment

You can’t have sex without using at least one sexual position. That’s obvious, right? Most people, though, tend to use more than one.

The average number of positions used per sex “session” is two. That may seem like a really low number, but considering 70% of men ejaculate before their partner is satisfied, it’s not surprising so few positions are able to be used.

The key point that should be noted here, though, is not the number of positions the average couple use, but is instead a much broader principle: Sex, as a physical act, is fundamentally based around the use of different positions.

Therefore, they are inherently linked to the performance of the male, each having a different effect on him and each bringing about a varied amount of satisfaction in the female.

Understanding that simple principle allows you, as a man, to latch onto a much more powerful and useable concept: Your sexual performance, arousal containment and general ability to perform impressively in bed can be directly controlled, improved and boosted by the effective choice and use of sex positions. That’s the topic of this article, so let’s wade right in.

Position Matters

The first thing to always bear in mind when you have sex is how each sex position you use will affect your arousal control. That is, your ability to maintain an erection and continue sex without interruptions and without ejaculating too soon.

Certain positions, because of the way your body is posed, put stress on your legs, arms or other parts of your body.

This stress, caused by maintaining the position while having sex, makes controlling your arousal and holding back from ejaculation much more difficult.


Contrary to popular belief, the missionary position does not offer you much control over your arousal despite the fact you’re controlling the motion/action of intercourse. This is because, to properly maintain the missionary position, you have to support your body weight using a combination of your arms and legs.

You’re essentially propping yourself up. After a couple of minutes of propping and thrusting, the stress on your body’s muscles has often increased just enough to tip you over the edge, which causes you to suddenly lose control of your arousal levels and ejaculate too soon.

However, this doesn’t mean you should remove the missionary position from your love-making repertoire. What you should do, is simply be aware of the stresses it can cause and the effects those stresses can have on your ability to control your arousal levels.

With this knowledge, you can choose to use the missionary position as the first one in your sex session while you’re most in control and least tired overall.

Girl On Top

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Asking your partner to give you a full body massage and experience the feeling of tension being released as she touches various intimate parts of your body. Managing the discomfort with being touched in the intimate parts has helped many improve their body image and improve their state of anxiety during the sexual activity. 
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