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How to Tame a Tiger (35)

Posted Dec 07 2009 6:21pm
  By Gigi Starr
eHow Contributing Writer
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Tiger Woods in a somber moment.
2008 Keith Allison / Creative Commons

Oh, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. A man can have everything - for instance, a hot, ex-model wife and adorable baby girl - but can still (allegedly) look for greener grass elsewhere.

As Cosmopolitan notes, "The reasons guys are unfaithful are rarely about the sex itself, but because cheating fuels a deep psychological need."

Because of these needs, a man can risk everything for that rush, putting the challenge ahead of old-fashioned common sense.

What ladies need to know is how to act in the event of a cheatin' heart. Is it possible to change a man and tame his bad-boy ways? Here are some ways to get a rascal back in line.


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