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How To Sustain Sex Longer And Give Women Amazing Orgasms

Posted Apr 14 2011 10:00am

Giving an orgasm is at the top of the list for most guys, but many guys don’t know how. Here is a simple, powerful way to give an orgasm and sensational sex!

Emotional distress. Lower self-image. Relationship breakdown. Marriage on the rocks. Sexual infidelity. These are REAL problems that many men have to go through when they persistently suffer from premature ejaculation. And you know that if you can’t last long enough, you’re sure as heck not going to give her a great orgasm. While PE is twice as common as its other “cousin” – erectile dysfunction – it is FAR less understood by the majority of men. If you are keen to get a handle on your early ejaculation problem, you will want to read keep reading and learn one powerful way to delay YOUR orgasm so she can get hers.

Many men equate sexual endurance as the prerequisite for giving women sensational sex. That is true to a large extent. In fact, many women complain that their partners aren’t lasting long enough to sexually fulfill them. And we probably know too well of relationships that have been torn apart because the man persistently ejaculates too early.

Premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates earlier then desired. For 25 to 40 percent of men worldwide, this typically means a male orgasm occurs within 2 minutes during vaginal penetration. That said, many men focus too much on the specific duration they should last. They fret over the fact that they cannot last like porn actors do. The simple truth is, sex that lasts too long can be painful and uncomfortable for the woman! The lubrication in the vagina typically dries up from prolonged thrusting.

So what’s the magic number, you asked? Simple! In most cases, intercourse just needs to last as long as a You Tube clip to be satisfactory. That means 3-5 minutes on average, not including the amount of foreplay time. And studies have consistently shown that lovemaking that lasts 7 to 13 minutes is the most desirable.

Women are biologically wired to respond VERY slowly to physical sexual stimulation. That is why in general, your wife, girlfriend or partner needs at least 7 to 15 minutes of consistent stimulation during penetration to get aroused to the point of vaginal orgasm. Compare that with the short one to two minutes that bring most men from arousal to orgasm!

So, if you want to desirable sex, you should be lasting at least 7 minutes during sex… and this poses a REAL challenge for the vast majority of men.

Stop relying on your penis to stimulate and bring your woman to a climax. In fact, a man’s most prized member is the lousiest tool to help women achieve the big “O”! Besides thrusting in and out, what else can your penis do?

Instead, what you should do is to focus on giving your woman enough stimulation to her clitoris . It is difficult to do this with your penis, so use your fingers/thumb or your tongue instead. Pound for pound, the tongue has the strongest muscle on the human body, and is extremely powerful and flexible in stimulating the clitoris. Plus, since you are not using your penis, it helps you manage your arousal better and gives you more endurance in bed.

Proper clitoral stimulation will quicken her ability to enjoy an orgasm sooner. So give her one before you start having intercourse with her. The great thing is, when you’ve made her climax BEFORE penetrative sex, it becomes ten times easier for her to achieve a vaginal orgasm during intercourse… and in her eyes, you become the man with superior stamina that she has been dreaming of!

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