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How to Spice Up Our Sex Life with Oral Sex

Posted Jan 06 2011 10:10am

This article is for women.  For all you girls out there struggling with their sex life. Maybe you've got a guy you want to keep, but you have no idea how to turn him on - or whether he's satisfied with your sex life. Men, are simple. We don't ask for much. If you're not an emotional wreck that's whining all the time, complaining about irrelevant things which are truly relevant only for yourself - and you can cook well, and give good oral sex - and you take care of your looks - but not to an extent where you are insanely insecure if you don't have "the right" pair of shoes - then, you're probably a kind of girl that every guy would enjoy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - you can call me a sexist pig, chauvinist etc. and you wouldn't be wrong about that, but - this way of thinking is counterproductive if you want to keep that guy which you like. Stop blaming men for your problems, and look at yourselves a bit. Women - BE women, don't act agressively, drink beer and act all macho - it's not hot. We want you to be submissive, feminine and very sexual - that's what turns us on, naturally. So forget about all that feminist stuff and get back to being your true self. Give your best to make your man the happiest, most satisfied man on Earth - support him, please him, and have confidencen in him.

If you can do that, I'm pretty sure you'll end up with a very very successful relationship, marriage - and, in return, of course, he'll be so happy that he could find a woman like you, that he'll never even think about other women, he'll give his best to return you the favor, kindness and love you would give him. But it won't work if you don't start with the process.

Anyway - since sex is a major, not just major, but a fundamental thing in any relationship, you should know that a sex life without oral sex - is an incomplete sex life. Every guy wants a woman that knows how to give proper oral sex - we crave it, we need it, we want it. The thing is that most of you girls out there don't know how to do it right, since either the guys too shy to tell you what he likes, or you can't find proper information on the subject. Don't worry about it, to every problem there is a solution. So don't view your now-still-humble oral sex skills as a problem, but as a challenge which you should face, and then conquer.

Once you master the best oral sex skills in the world, you'll immediately see a change in your man's attitude, behavior towards you, and in general - he'll be a completely new (better) person. THAT is the power of giving your man amazing oral sex. This won't just "spice up" your sex life, it will bring it to a whole new level. But for that all to happen, you need to change first - unlearn the bad, and learn the good.

If you want to learn more about giving amazing oral, follow the link below and check out my site. Have fun,



Jack has been teaching women how to give amazing blow jobs to their man. You can learn more from him in his step by step guide - Jacks Blowjob Lessons - just don't get angry if men start falling in love with you and being ready to "kill" just to stay with you :)


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