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How to Restore your Relationship in Thirty Days

Posted Oct 28 2008 5:17am
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I believe that in thirty days, if you follow one little bit of advice, you can not only dramatically improve your marriage but possibly even transform it in unimaginable ways.

We have all seen products advertised on television, or purchased items with a thirty day trial right? You purchase the item and test it out for thirty days to see how it may improve your life.

Let's take this idea and use it on your relationship.

Why not do a simple experiment and see if, in thirty days you can dramatically improve your marriage?

Before we discuss the "how", one question for you....

How motivated you are?

How badly do you want to improve your marriage? How seriously do you want to save your relationship?

We know that if we are not motivated to do something we typically don't do it. So, what is your motivation?

If you knew it could be possible that you would find a new level of happiness in one month from today, how seriously would you invest in making your relationship fabulous?

If you are sufficiently motivated, let's move on to the "how".

For thirty days, focus your complete attention on doing something every day to make your spouse happy. Each day do everything you can to show you care, demonstrate your sincere concern, and express your deep love.

That is it, simple as that.

For this experiment, you don't need a ton of money, you don't need an expensive therapist, you don't need some magical secret formula.

All you have to do is make your best effort to make your spouse happy and show how much you care.

If you take some time to think about it, you most likely can come up with some things you know your spouse enjoys. You know what makes him happy, or what pleases her. It might be nice to remind yourself of these things and even make a list if need be.

What can you say? What little things show you care? What things have you done in the past that have made a difference? What things have you not done that you sense would make a difference?

When you wake up in the morning, start thinking of nice things to do. During the day think of some more ideas, and when you go to bed at night ask yourself what else you can do. Keep this experiment on your mind and in your heart.

how to improve your marriage in thirty days, marriage and intimacy, improve your marriage, the art of love and intimacy, love and marriage, healing your marriage Engage in this experiment knowing that you are transforming your marriage and perhaps more importantly yourself.

Thirty days... you can do pretty much anything for four weeks, so keep it up for the full month and see how it changes your marriage!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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