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How to Receive a Facial When Giving a Man Oral Sex

Posted Jan 15 2011 11:42am

Don't shy away from the money shot, as they call it.  Embrace it.  Long for it, and relish it.  It's your reward for a job well done.  Don't turn away, don't be grossed out by it, call upon your own little inner slut and gloriously open that mouth wide and slurp down every last drop of luscious come.

That's the attitude that every man goes insane for, if you're not cultivating that mind set then you're just not trying very hard and you're certainly not doing it right.  Giving an amazing blow job is all about your state of mind and your gusto, for lack of a better word.  Go for the gusto.  You're man is going to get down on his knees and thank the Lord that he has a woman like you.

Of course, you can vary it a little bit for variety's sake, but this is not a true facial.  Let's say you're got an amazing rack or a nice tight tummy, something that the guys go gaga for.  Well then ask your man to come on them.  He's like a dog marking his territory and he's going to love.  Rub his come into your skin and all around your nipples, smile, and then take some of it into your mouth.  Now that's a nice variation on a classic.

However, the classic facial can't be beat.  So learn how to take it with pride.  You can take some in your mouth and some on your face, if he's so inclined.  Or you can take it directly down your throat, but then it's not really a classic facial.

A facial is about your man looking down in triumph at your come covered face and reveling in your spunked face.  Giggle like a little school girl, put your finger in your mouth, and say something like, oh we've got to do this again tomorrow.  He will fall head over heels in love with you.

Remember not to shy away, as instructed early, this is all about shoving your face right in there and receiving your just reward.  Don't worry about it getting into your eyes, you'll blink, and if some does by chance get in there, it doesn't sting, it's not battery acid, it's just gooey, lovely come.

Lick your lips and eat as much as possible off of your face.  Show your man you appreciate his gift to you and that you're hungry for more when he's ready.  That's a good girl.


If you girls really want to learn how to give a blow job I recommend you readJacks Blowjob Lessons,  an incredibly direct, step by step guide on giving a perfect blow job to your man.

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