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How to Intensify Your Woman’s Orgasms

Posted Nov 25 2008 10:27am

Ask any woman what she would prefer; multiple orgasms, or one extremely powerful orgasm? Most likely she will choose the second option.

Okay, now take it one step further; ask her if she would prefer multiple orgasms, or powerful mind blowing multiple orgasms.

Now that you see the bigger picture, let me show you some powerful techniques to intensify your woman’s orgasms to new heights;

Tease your Woman and Create anticipation

Most "sexperts" will tell you to take your time during foreplay, and they are right. However, there is more to it than just taking your time. Every bit of time spent must count. Pointlessly taking your time will only bore your woman.

However, taking your time to tease your woman will drive her crazy and keep her on an "erotic high". All she will care about is hoping that you will make her cum, because she has such an itch for it.

You can apply this technique even before you get under the covers with your woman. Begin by flirting with your partner during the day. This will give you a feel as to whether she is in the mood for a lovemaking session or not. Once you have confirmation that she is, move to the next step of teasing her.

At different intervals during the day, do something a little naughty to her. Start off lightly by whispering sexy words into her ears. Tell her what you are going to do to her later that day. Then walk away.

The next time you brush past your partner, kiss her lightly and seductively, and when you feel she is wanting to kiss you more, pull away, but do it with a mischievous smile. Once again, walk away. This will show her how much control you have over your desires.

At this point your woman will be feeling a little frustrated, and maybe even a little annoyed. However, she will most likely be hoping that you approach her again so that she can regain some control.

When you do walk past her again, grab her a little more passionately, and give up just a little more control, but just when your partner thinks she has regained control of the situation, pull away.

By doing this, you are teasing her and building anticipation into her mind. The anticipation in turn will put your woman in a higher state of arousal. She has an itch, and she is dying to get it scratched, and she wants you to scratch that itch real bad.

The Trick To Keeping Her On The Erotic High

The trick is to keep your woman on this “erotic high”.

Once you and your partner are finally under the covers, you can continue to tease her. If you are performing cunnilingus, tease her by going as close to her clitoris as possible without ever touching it. By the time you finally do, her “erotic high” will reach a new level.

At this point you can…

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