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How to Improve Oral Sex Skills

Posted Jan 15 2011 10:56am

So you want to improve your oral sex skills?  You want to bring your man to his knees and make him beg for more.  Good girl, you're the kind of gal that every man loves.  Let's face it, giving a man a great blow job is something that he can't find just anywhere.

There are too many prudish women who are appalled by the thought of having a cock shoved down their throat, and too many women have been corrupted by the equal rights movement, believing that sucking dick is something to be reserved for a man's birthday.  Outrageous.  These women will never satisfy their men.  But, that's alright because you won't have that problem when you improve and hone your oral sex skills to a finely tuned high level.

The first rule, is learn how your man likes it.  Some like it a little more rough, and some like it a little more gentle.  Some like to hear you comment on how big and tasty their cock is and some want to pull your hair and plow your face like there's no tomorrow.  Experiment.  Try different things and in no time at all you'll be an expert in pleasing your man just the way he likes it.

Other than that, always remember that a man wants to be the king, the top dog, the alpha male.  Giving him a great blow job enforces that image of himself.  Let him know that you bow to his manly will and that you're helpless to resist his nice cock.  He'll love it.

As far as getting your technique down you're going to have to think about absolutely getting your teeth out of the way.  So important.  Use those lips and that tongue of yours to create a barrier, it's easier than you think.  Also, keep it in the back of your mind that your man isn't going to be totally satisfying until you make him come and eat every last drop of his semen.

How do you do that?  Well, girlfriend, you've got to get you stroke speed high enough and you're got to find the perfect pressure.  Again, you're going to have to practice this.  Practice it with a sex toy and practice it with your man as well.  In a few weeks or months you'll be able to finish him off anytime you like.  Practice makes perfect, ladies.  So, get sucking.



If you girls really want to learn how to give a great head I recommend you readJacks Blowjob Lessons,  an incredibly direct, step by step guide on giving a perfect blow job to your man.



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