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How to Have Sex During Your Menstruation – 4 Must Know Tips for Better Sex Life

Posted Oct 11 2011 12:24pm

Hey girl,

Once you read this article, sex on period will no longer be mystery  for you. Read carefully full article, and you will also find useful tips to improve your sex life. So, one of the most popular (and most important) things that women want to know is – how to have sex during your menstruation.

It's totally normal for you to assume that sex is off-limits during your menstruation. There are many things that can make you think like that.

For instance, maybe you don't feel comfortable being intimate during your menstruation, or you have feeling that you're unattractive or unclean. There is also a big chance that your partner isn't satisfied with the idea of having sex during your menstruation.

First thing for you to do is to discuss your concerns about having sex during your menstruation with your partner. Both of you must be comfortable and able to enjoy yourselves.

Once again, talk to your partner about ways how to stay safe and to contain any mess.

Here are 2 tips how to have pleasant sex during your menstruation:

1) Keep  sex on period   less messy?Grab a towel and put beneath you right before sexual intercourse. Make sure that you lie back during sex, because that way you will reduce your bleeding.

2) Make sure to have safe menstruation sex?Always use protection. Sex during period is much more risky than sex in normal circumstances, and you can still get pregnant if you have sex during your menstruation.

If you don’t want to have sex during your menstruation, but you still want to improve your relationship with your partner and to somehow make up for that period of no sex, then continue reading.

One of the best things that you and your partner can do during your period is a blow job. Yes, there is no better thing to do while on period. Not only that you will have something to do meanwhile, but you will also spice things up in your sex life. Of course, giving a good blow job isn’t peace of cake. Almost 90% of women give terrible blow jobs, and they are not aware of that. So, this is a perfect

time for you to learn how to give brilliant blow jobs.

Here are 2 most important tips that will help you improve your blow job skills:

1) Don’t be shy?You should always have this on your mind. Don’t be shy to show your emotions. If you act cold, your partner won’t enjoy and you don’t want that. Feel free to moan and be little naughty.

2) Change position?Position is one of the most important things in blow job. If you’re doing it only in one position, it will get bored soon and blow job experience will be bad. So, always experiment with new position and places where you can give blow jobs.

Sincerely,? John

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