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How to Get Over Ex Wife Memories – Methods for Memory Relief

Posted Oct 12 2010 3:24am

One of the most difficult problems that men face when dealing with post divorce is the haunting memories of their past life, when they were still married. To add to the problem, these memories can be deeply embedded within objects, places, events and even other individuals that avoiding them totally can either be difficult or impossible. But eventually you will need to learn how to get over ex wife memories if you want to move on with your own life and recover from the hellhole that post divorce has created.

Learning how t get over these memories and gain total control over your thoughts and emotions will be difficult but is an essential part of moving on nonetheless. To help you deal with the intrusive and painful memories that invades your mind here are two techniques that you will be able to use:


Visualization is a good approach that you can use to combat the memories that haunts you day in and day out. By allowing you to visualize and materialize your memories, you will be able to deal with them in a different perspective making things easier. By visualizing your memories into valid objects you will be able to wash, destroy, minimize, reduce, burn, store them away, and so on and so forth. This will of course not get rid of them but by being able to disassociate yourself from the negative impacts of these memories, they in turn become learning experiences that you can use to move forward instead of holding you back.


Distraction is another method that you can use to deal with the painful memories that haunts you from your previous life and preventing you from moving on with your life. Distraction can be anything from work to a new hobby. Of course you realize that you will need to still deal with the memories that you have inside, but at least distraction will help you avoid them for the time being while you’re still in the process of composing and collecting yourself.

If you would like to learn more about how to get over ex wife memories, the methods mentioned above or would want to learn other techniques that you can use to deal with divorce and get on the road to recovery, click on the link below for a definitive guide to surviving divorce specifically created just for men.

Men After Divorce - Divorce Recovery For Guys


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