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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse or Lover on New Year’s Eve

Posted by Ruth H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Writer's Answer
The key to catching a cheating spouse or lover on New Year’s Eve is to observe his or her behavior close to midnight on New Year’s Eve, or first thing on New Year’s Day.

Making Contact with the Other Woman or Other Man

Regardless of whether you and the cheater are out partying, or quietly bringing in the New Year together at home, he or she will usually attempt to contact the person they’re cheating with to wish them a Happy New Year. Cheating spouses and lovers can be amazingly resourceful in coming up with excuses to get away from you long enough to make a phone call, send an e-mail or text message, or even make a quick visit if the Other Woman or Other Man lives nearby. Stay alert and you may be able to catch the cheater in the act.

Unusual Behavior

Be suspicious of any unexplained absences, whispered conversations, or sudden errands that your spouse or lover has to run shortly before or after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

If for some reason the cheater is unable to contact the person they’re cheating with on New Year’s Eve, they’ll do so at the first opportunity on New Year’s Day.

Cell Phone Clues

If you can get access to the suspected cheater’s cell phone (or the cell phone bills with their December and January calls) you may be able to find some valuable telltale signs. Look at the last calls made on December 31st (New Year’s Eve) or the first calls made on January 1st (New Year’s Day.) If you find any suspicious or unfamiliar numbers, use areverse phone search serviceto find out whose numbers they are. (For an affordable reverse phone search service, click here.)

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You Still Need More Proof

Keep in mind that even if you find evidence of infidelity on New Year’s Eve, you may still need to get additional proof. If you don’t have enough proof to build a solid case, the cheater will lie, deny, and attempt to explain away the evidence you’ve found.

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