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How to Achieve Healing, Intimacy, and Ultimate Union With Tantra

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:18am

When the average person thinks of tantric sex, their thoughts may jump to intense sack sessions that are solely for the pursuit of intense pleasure.  While much of tantra does involve these kinds of sexual practices, after all, that’s what it became famous for in the Western world, tantra involves so much more than pure physical pleasure. 

For example, did you know that tantra is often used as a means of emotional, physical and spiritual healing, as well as a method for achieving the ultimate intimacy that can exist between two people?

Sound intrigued? Then read on to discover how tantra can lead you and your partner on the path to ultimate healing and unity!

The Tantric Path to Healing and Unity

It’s no secret that many people may have emotional and mental “baggage”, thanks to previous relationships or life experiences.  These problems can often manifest themselves during particularly intimate moments, including sack sessions. 

Whether the problems come from inner issues (perhaps with self-confidence or body hate) or outer influences (for instance, you or your partner experienced abuse or grew up in a loveless household), these mental and emotional scars don’t have to become an obstacle in your quest for the ultimate intimacy and union. 

Tantra is widely known for its healing powers. In fact, if you and your partner engage in tantric lovemaking practices, you’ll soon find that you both will grow to become more confident, loving and intimate partners.

The Distinction

However, when using tantra in an effort to emotionally and mentally heal yourself or your partner, it’s important to distinguish these nights from normal sack sessions.  A healing tantric session shouldn’t have the same feel as a normal night of tantric lovemaking, since the latter focuses more on achieving spiritual bliss through physical pleasure. 

Rather, a healing tantric session will focus more on unleashing and clearing away any mental and emotional obstacles that you or your partner may have in regards to sex and intimacy.

In a healing session, you must first distinguish your role as either Healer or Receiver; for example,  if your partner is the one experiencing emotional or mental obstacles to tantric bliss, then you should be the Healer, and he or she the Receiver. 

Additionally, it’s important to verbally confirm your role with your partner, as this will serve to relax each other in regards to any expectations.

Once Roles Are Established….

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