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How Stella got her groove back, Al Del Greco and a sloth in a tree...

Posted Sep 11 2008 2:08am
How did Stella get her groove back?

I will tell you how Stella got her groove back-

By being on an exotic beach with a “sex on the beach” in her hand all the while having sex on the beach with a man that you could probably wash your clothes on his six pack abs.

Did you see him in that shower scene???

So, basically- a whole lot of sex and a whole lot of beach.

I am nowhere near the beach-

Sex is all around, you can find that anywhere at any time.

So why does it seem I can’t seem to get my groove in life back?

Maybe because the station in my life seems to be set on elevator music? How are you supposed to find your groove in that?

I am about to fall asleep to my life pace right now…

Waiting, waiting and waiting. For that phone call and that proposal on its way and that open door.

I actually had a great weekend- an old friend in town who poured out kindness and affection as always. I had a wonderful time as he is and always has been a wonderful person; an absolute wonderful time-

Just as I have been having for months now- wonderful times with my friends…And I am very much appreciative of them all.

But there is so much more I want to achieve- a place I can sense and see that I want to get to. But I can’t seem to get from point A to point B fast enough. I don’t want to walk it- I want to pole vault to point B.

In a few areas of life-

One of those areas being romance another being career.

I am feeling like Al Del Greco lately-

For those of you not familiar- Al Del Greco was a kicker in the NFL- played for the Titans when I was in Nashville last. And he was an amazing player- closed a lot of games for us when it was down to the wire and we needed to win by a field goal. He was magical in that-

Then he got on a streak- missed one, missed two, missed three… then you could tell it was playing with his head. Here he went from kicking one magical victory after another. Then a few misses and BOOM!

Seemed like all the sudden that is all there was- Only misses…

So, I am the Al Del Greco of life lately.

Either I have someone who I am mad about who isn’t on the same wave length- or I have someone who is mad about me who I don’t quite feel the same for. Maybe 9 out of 10 things line up and are perfect-but with that one thing…

The one thing I cannot have missing in a connection is Passion- The one thing I cannot have missing in life purpose is passion as well.

It is like having the most delightful soup simmering in the pot and you go and taste it and it is slightly bland from lack of spice. Might still be good but you just know it is missing something…

I need my soup spicy!

I need my life spicy- just how I am made and it is what I give out too.

I am a hot wasabi when it comes to living life, living love and what I desire to experience out of the two.

I don’t want to resemble a snail right now, or a turtle or a sloth in a tree-

So how do I pick up the pace when it seems to be the flow of the river of life right now?

Should I take it as a sign that it is a time of rest? Just go with the flow no matter how frustrating because maybe around the corner it is about to become a wild ride?

Do I expend my strength trying to make something happen or do I sit back and cross my legs say a little OM and just BE?

Do I have a “sex on the beach” find myself a groove maker with six pack abs and see if that is the CPR to my passion in life that seems to be on life support?

No- I am smart enough to know that a night of groove making lasts for just that- a night. It is never the answer- although very enjoyable.

I am not cut from the casual encounter cloth- I try and just end up realizing again that it is just not me...

And with the career and drive for purpose- do I do the same? Push or sit still? Assert or rest and wait?

I know the answers to all of these questions-

I just want my sexy back- in every area of life-

And I know that all comes back to me-

Just as I wrote in my book: Aphrodisiac= AphroMEsiac!

All roads lead home- right back to numero uno.

So- today I am going to sit with myself and write down the things I am truly wishing to receive and accomplish right now. I am going to get clear on where my frustration is stemming from. Then I am going to trust myself enough to know once I am clear it will all work itself out in right timing.

And by this evening- I might have my groove back:) Shaking my money maker to the new tune of my life~

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