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How Not To Start A Marriage

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:13pm
At least not in my opinion...cuz how can it not be doomed?

A friend of my daughter's got married awhile back. She's in her late 20's. My daughter clued me in on some gossip. Their sex life isn't what she wants it to be....he does not like cunnilingus. He, of course likes to be fellated, but won't reciprocate.

I does one start out a relationship with a huge piece of sexuality missing? I mean...I understand how it can work if you are a polyamorous person, but how in the hell does one give up so much at such a young age and basically make the promise that you'll only have sex with someone who won't go down on you?...for the rest of your life? what if you are married to him for 50 years? Seems like a pretty big sacrifice to me.
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