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How Money Affects a Relationship

Posted Jan 15 2009 5:36pm

Before our wedding, Dr. Harp sat us down to talk about the three most important influences on a marriage: sex, family, and money.

"You've got to be up front and honest with each on all of these subjects throughout your entire marriage. If not, you'll be sitting on a three legged stool with only two legs."

Good advice.
With the economy tanking and people losing their jobs left and right, I'll bet a lot of relationships are going to sour. As Billy RayValentine said, a lack of money can certainly cause a problem in a relationship. Especially from the guy's perspective.

Why? Because more than just about anything else, we men want to be judged as good providers. If we aren't bringing home the bacon, or feel that we are providing, it'll bring pressure to the relationship. And, as with anything else, pressure shows you where weaknesses lie.

There are two things that will help us (the guys) get over this problem. First, your (a wife or girlfriend) faith in us. Secondly, our faith in something greater than ourselves.

Of course, this advice only applies if your husband or boyfriend has some faith of a higher power and gives credence to the whole personal responsibility gig. 

If you've got money troubles, take solace in that you are not alone. After that second is over, rely in your loved one for comfort. Then, while enjoying that strength, go out and do something about it.

Remember, money doesn't buy happiness. Even when you can make a dress out of it.

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