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How Headaches and Migraines Can Destroy a Relationship

Posted Dec 25 2008 8:18am

We’ve all heard, and laughed at, the line “ Not tonight, Honey. I have a headache.”

For those who suffer from migraines or other chronic headache pain, though, this phrase takes on an entirely new meaning. It’s hard to do, or think, anything at all when the pain of a migraine is racking your skull.

Sometimes, too, it’s hard being in a relationship with someone who suffers from migraines. Unexpected pain begins to occur, often without any warning at all. Within 15 to 30 minutes, migraine sufferers are sometimes completely incapacitated. Their thoughts, feelings, and moods are completely interrupted.

Why? Because even though the brain itself is not sensitive to pain, many areas of the head including the scalp, face, mouth and throat have pain-sensitive nerve fibers, which ache. 

Two Kinds of Headaches

Headaches can be divided into two kinds. The first type is primary headaches, which are not associated with any disease. The other kind, secondary headaches are associated with another medical problem.

Just how widespread is this problem? If your date or special evening has been interrupted by migraine headache, you are by no means alone.

Everybody will be affected by them at least once, but up to 55 million Americans, suffer from them regularly. In fact, the World Health Organization claims that one in 20 adults suffer from migraine headaches.

Problems Associated With Headaches

People with headaches often have trouble working. This can cause serious problems with their jobs and financial situations. Headaches often affect people’s social skills. The pain, or the fear of the pain, can cause people to become tense and anxious, even when they are not hurting.

Bright lights, some foods and smells can even trigger migraine headaches, so people have to be careful about their surroundings.  Worst of all, many people who do not suffer from migraine headaches have no idea how much a sufferer’s life is affected by this experience.

This inability to relate to the migraneur’s situation can cause people to become frustrated, angry, and even give up on an important relationship.

Furthermore, many people with migraines…

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