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Hot Summer Feet and a Trip to the Dentist

Posted Jul 01 2010 12:00am
July 20, 2010 | By niccitalbot

Well, the summer hols have started so no childcare now ’til September. I’m just glad the weather is peachy because it’s a struggle to juggle work and childcare over the summer months. My holiday will be a week at my mum’s this year and I’m grateful she’s coming down to see us for a week to help out. I find the chaos, mess and lack of structure hard to cope with – especially when I’m trying to be an efficient freelancer and pitch regularly to mags and papers. It’s not so easy when it’s scorching outside and my eczema is raging. Yes, the summer itch is back with a vengeance.

Julieta and I had two trips out today – her first to the dentist (she counted 10 teeth and got a Princess sticker for being so brave) and I had a clean and x-ray (it’s been over a year). Doesn’t it make a huge difference to your oral confidence? I’ve been spritzed, polished and scraped and my mouth feels fresh and raw. Ripe for kissing (nudge to partner, as he seems to forget). I shall celebrate with a new toothbrush and more spearminty toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine. It doesn’t contain harsh abrasives and leaves your mouth all tingly in a nice, natural way rather than feeling like chalk – if that makes sense.

Second trip was to the doctor’s. We have steroid creams for eczema on our hands and feet. Julieta’s is a mild one and mine, a huge tube of Betnovate, which is paraffin/petroleum-based. It’s not my ideal choice but as I can’t get rid of the eczema, I need something to manage it during the hot weather. Still, it gives me an excuse to stock up on Havaianas again, as they seem to help sweaty feet syndrome. Last year, I wore them to death while my lovely leather gladiators languished in the drawer. I have an allergy to leather and they made my skin flare up.

Any tips on cool footwear for hot summer feet? Any thoughts on Fit Flops? Do they work? Might as well multi-task and tone up at the same time.

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