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Help with bleeding after sex

Posted by sunshinegirl

Please help  I am a 55 yr old female have not been sexually active for almost 2 years

and yester I had sex and it was sooo sore

i actually bled what is the problem and what can I do to make it better. I have a high sex drive.  tks



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I think you need to start having sex with men who have smaller dicks. I have the smallest dick most women have ever seen. I've been told this many times by many women. If you were to have sex with me or men like me, at least until you get more used to having sex again, it would give you're body a chance to get used to it again. Then you could go back to the big dicks that all women want. Also, have you ever used a sex lube? That would probably make things slide a little easier:) 

Little Man, if you knew anything about women of Sunshine girls age group, you would have not replied with such crass advice. Size is no matter, and if the women in your past have some how made you feel inadequate, shame on them.

To further your education there is a MEDICAL reason for such an occurance. The aging process, due to plummeting estrogen levels can cause dryness. Thinning of the vaginal wall, due to the same reason can cause bleeding. Water based lubricants such as sex lube, KY jelly can make sex and the pain afterword less likely to happen.

There can be numerous other causes for vaginal pain and bleeding as well. All women should maintain their health through annual paps, monthly breast self exams,and last but not least- using a condom to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies. That's just to name a few.


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