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Healing Our Political Divide

Posted Nov 13 2008 7:21am

Whether or not one voted for Barack Obama, both sides seem to realize that his election helped make history. With Mr. Obama's election, the question of race in American society is not eliminated. However, it is a step in the right direction. The overwhelming mandate for Obama signifies many things both actual and symbolic. One of the most significant affirmations is our evolving attitude towards possibility, race and culture. In essence, though technically American, Obama's story is an immigrant's tale. He is a man of humble origins who, through the consistency of mother's and grandparents' love and his own ability, hard work and desire, has risen to America's highest office. Truly, his election is a symbol of the possibility of the American Dream.

During his concession speech, John McCain, a true American hero and a man of courage, rose to one of his finest moments. He pledged his support to the winner and by his words and demeanor urged his supporters to do the same.

The next months, probably years, will test Obama and his selected team's skills in unfathomable ways. Whatever success they have will depend not only on their ability, but also on us. This is not a time for further political divides. May we all be Americans and continue to voice our differences, diversity and support. When faced with disappointment, despair and hope, let us choose hope.

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