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He overcame the fear of her rejection

Posted Sep 01 2009 4:53pm


In the early 70s I lived near Fordham Road in the Bronx. I observed a midget, who happened to be black, pursuing every woman who passed him on that main street, regardless of color, shape, age, body type etc. I was fascinated because the persistent rejections he received were not as persistent as he.

After about 15-30 minutes of constant rejections, a tall good looking black woman (probably the best looking one in the lot) was cornered in a doorway. He was holding her hand and rapping for days. She had a smile on her face that spoke volumes. I went about my business at that point, having learned a valuable lesson about persistence and not yielding to rejection.

Any man can find a woman for himself if he wants one badly enough and has overcome the fear of rejection - and she just might be the "pick of the litter". Necessity is the mother of invention.

This is a true story although I admit I did not see them go off together. I didn' t need to see the finish. Sometimes we get so caught up in "all", "everyone", "never" and other such accepted Truths that are NOT ALWAYS TRUE! You may get lots of hits with this bilge, even I have commented here several times. Your premises are always controversial - you' ve mastered that Trick! But you probably discourage many and increase their fears. That is a disservice to your Readers.

Being 67-years-old, I have lots of experience. I leave you with this wisdom: there is no such thing as NEVER! There is no such thing as ALL! And there is no such thing as CAN' T! At least NOT when it applies to human interactions. How often have I seen a mismatched couple on TV or in person. I even had a mismatched couple as tenants. IGNORE THESE ASSERTIONS by this blogger and KEEP TRYING! Salesmanship is a numbers game. Some get more than others, but anybody can get one!


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