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Guys: Do You Make These Dating Mistakes?

Posted Feb 19 2013 5:53pm
If you’re looking for dating tips for men, it’s important to first understand the  dating mistakes you might be making. If you’re having a rough time picking up a woman or keeping her interested, learn common turn offs for women, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

Common Dating Mistakes Men Make

Buying Your Way to Her Heart

Let’s be realistic, some woman are gold-diggers but the vast majority of them are not. They just want a real relationship and all the perks that come with one. There’s nothing wrong with buying her a single red rose on the first date or treating her to a meal at a fancy restaurant.

But once you start flashing your cash around with larger purchases, it may be a turn-off. You may think you’re showing her you can be a provider. What you’re really saying is, “I don’t think you like me for who I am so I’m going to try to buy your affection.”

If you really do make a lot of money and want to impress her, try taking her on a romantic trip or two. This way, you’re not just handing her trinkets, you’re deepening your relationship by spending time away together.

Being Too “Nice”

Holding the door open for her or paying the dinner bill are both ways to be a gentleman. However, one of the biggest turn offs for women are men who act like doormats. For example, agreeing with everything she says, going wherever she wants to go, being okay with it if she flirts with other men in front of you, and letting her walk all over you. Women don’t want a “nice” man. They want a man who exudes confidence and protectiveness. A man who knows when to be romantic and tender and when to take a firmer stance and take back his own power. 

Concentrating Too Hard on Your Own Looks

If you’ve ever seen a drop-dead gorgeous woman with an average Joe, you’ve probably thought he’s either amazing in bed or has a boatload of cash. Neither may be the case. Rather, guys with average looks know how to attract women in other ways. They know how to show off their confident side, their romantic side, and their assertive side. They use body language to convey what they have to offer to the opposite sex. Vain men are a turn-off for women. Don’t only concentrate on your looks. Improve your mannerisms as well and she’ll stay interested.

Being Possessive

Calling her twenty times a day and asking her where she is every fifteen minutes is not attractive to her. She doesn’t want a stalker, she wants a boyfriend. Somebody she’s attracted to who shares her ideas and understands her feelings and dreams. Possessiveness doesn’t make her feel safe, it makes you look insecure. If you are dating a woman you feel you have to keep tabs on because she’s got a roving eye, you’re probably dating the wrong woman.

Saying Too Much Too Soon

Women love it when you’re romantic and show your sensitive side. However, there’s a time for that. If you break out the poetry you wrote in college on your first date, cry during a commercial on your second date, and start talking about how many kids you want on your third, you’re probably going to weird her out. Most women want to nurture and care for their guys, but they’re not ready to do that right away (or all the time).

A Few Dating Tips for Men

Some men have more difficulty picking up women than others. It has nothing to do with looks, money or the size of anything. It has to do with confidence and how a man feels about himself. If he’s able to convey the right type of body language and knows how to speak to a woman from across a room without saying a word, he’s got the upper hand.

There are plenty of great ways for men to pick up women without restoring to cheesy pick up lines. It just takes a little bit of finesse and understanding. 

If you want to catch her eye, remember, it’s just as much about your technique as it is your looks. Women have a lot of turn offs when it comes to men. It’s not that they think they’re too good for you. They’re genetically wired to be attracted to a certain type of guy. Once you learn how to become that guy, you won’t have to worry about lonely Saturday nights again.


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