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Guide To Men – How To Take The Perfect Profile Photo

Posted Oct 11 2010 3:22am

profile photo with abs Pets, abs and adventure

To take the perfect profile photo that sparks the interest in as many women as possible:

1. Don’t look directly into the camera, instead you should go for a mysterious gaze onto the horizon. Smile or look serious. You should never have a flirtatious expressions if you look away from the lens, as women want’s the flirty eyes to be sent directly to them.

2. Look into the camera with a flirtatious smile or facial expression. You should never stare directly into the lens and look serious / lipped out.

3. If you have a well trained body, then show it – well some of it anyway. 18-24-year-old men without t-shirt gets twice as many female inquiries as fully dressed. The advantage of partial nudity disappear with age and men over 32-year-old should keep the jersey on, statistics show.

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dating photo man and dog The three most effective ‘bonus features’ male net daters between 18-30 years can use on his profile to get the most attention:

1. Pose with their dog or cat.

2. Show off their (well trained) muscles.

3. Do something interesting / strange / surprising (for example playing guitar, diving or stand with your back towards the camera).

And the pictures to avoid:

3. Hanging out with friends pictures.

2. Drunk pictures.

1. Travel photos.

Do you agree? What’s your experience with profile pictures? It would be interesting to hear from someone, who has tested this – using no photo, using a pet photo and using a drunk photo – on the same profile and see what kind of responses you get.

Note to self: Add this as a topic for a future monthly competition…

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